my name is Livio Moreno, and this site is meant to contain a summary of the genealogical research that I have conducted, first on my own family, Moreno Dollero and later also on my wife's family, Martinuzzi Bartoli. I have gathered data concerning 2257 individuals and 815 families in 24 generations. My direct ancestors are 119 of with 31 lines of descendants and those of my wife 235 with 48 lines of descendants. Info about living individuals are not included in this site.1



The family of my wife, Licia MARTINUZZI originally came from Tricesimo, in Italy, province of Udine. In the 17th century, Lorenzo Martinuzzi, stone cutter, moved to Albona, now named Labin, Istria, Croatia, where he started to build the house in the old part of town called Rialto. The house is still existing and became the birth home of Giuseppina Martinuzzi, famous educator, writer, fighter for the rights of workers, a great friend of the coal miners and a promoter of coexistence between Italians and Croats in Istria. The creation of the initial genealogical tree of the Martinuzzi family was speed up by the finding, amongst my father-in-law's papers, of a manuscript from him with a transcription of a descendant chart drawn by his aunt Giuseppina and including the beginning of the family history: "Our grandfather (Giovanni Pietro [1807-1895]) was telling that 300 years ago the first Martinuzzi arrived from Tricesimo, this first Martinuzzi was a stone cutter or a bricklayer because he, or his son, built maybe a portion of the wing of the house in Albona.... One of my father-in-law virtues was tidiness and it was easy for me to find many documents useful to enrich the tree. Later on I had a great contribution from Alberto Martinuzzi and Giorgio Marsan.
On June 2012 "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (Mormons) published on their internet site FamilySearch several documents extracted (photographed) from Parish Churches in Croatia. I was therefore able to enrich the genealogical tree and get further info on the Martinuzzi family in Albona. I could not find any document proving that Lorenzo Martinuzzi's sons were born in in Albona and the most ancient document related to the Martinuzzi surname is  the marriage record of Gioseffo Martinuzzi, son of Lorenzo from Tricesimo, with Zuanna Bersezan, dated March 15 1700.

Also the BARTOLI family - Bartoli is the surname of my mother-in-law - has its roots in Istria.  Matteo Bartoli was born in Rovigno in 1815, and later on the family moved to Albona. I have very little information about this family and they are the result of a single although long chat with uncle Enzo, my wife's maternal uncle. One of Licia's great uncles, Matteo Giulio Bartoli, was a famous Italian linguist, professor of comparative history of classical and neo-Latin languages at the University of Pisa and Turin, one of the most knowledgeable people about Dalmatic and Istrian dialects.

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